Engaging Student Leadership [August 2016 Chat]


On August 25th at 730pm EST, EduColor members Christina Torres and Jamie Gravell with student host Kamiil Jones hosted the most recent EduColor chat on student engagement. To read the transcript, click here or read below: https://www.participate.com/transcripts/educolor/d96d9ba7-e769-4716-8e08-0f986519b31a Thank you!

Taking The Lead – Teacher Leadership for Educators of Color


Recently, we had an #EduColor chat on teacher leadership and educators of color, hosted by Valerie Brown and Jozette Martinez-Griffin. If you’d like to read the chat, please use this link: https://www.participate.com/transcripts/educolor/43fef25a-50cd-4337-b6f1-cef024131ac9 Thank you!

Education In The Wake of Orlando


Recently, we had a chat about the after-effects of the Orlando Pulse shooting, hosted by Braulio Carrasco and Zac Chase. If you’re so moved, please check our transcript right here. Thanks! https://www.participate.com/transcripts/educolor/7bf7dcac-7c0a-4d81-a111-2ed20626f599

Creating an Inclusive Pedagogy


Recently, we had a chat about pedagogy, and the ways our school systems suppress inclusive instruction and resources for all students, hosted by Jordan Lanfair and Jose Vilson. To read the transcript, click the link: https://www.participate.com/transcripts/educolor/14cd92f9-fd06-469b-8dc1-eaae99b3072e

#EduColor Storify on Shattering the Model Minority Myth


The central theme of May’s #EduColor chat was on the model minority myth, including the ways in which it disempowers all underrepresented groups, and how that manifests in the classroom! This had a specific AAPI focus, but all were included in the conversation. https://storify.com/educolormvmt/educolor-shattering-illusions-of-model-minorty-myt Special thank you to Xian Barrett and Rusul Alrubail for hosting the event, Stephanie Cerda for … Read More

#EduColor Storify on Codeswitching

April#EduColor Chat

The central theme of April’s #EduColor chat was on codeswitching, including the positive and negative ramifications of cultural duality in the classroom. Please read and let us know what you think below! https://storify.com/christinatorres/april-educolor-chat Special thank you to Christina Torres and Rafranz Davis for hosting the event, and Stephanie Cerda for creating the slides. Next month, we’ll be addressing the model … Read More

#EduColor Chat on Grit and Rigor in the Classroom

March’s #EduColor chat was on the subject of grit and rigor, a highly contested topic in today’s education space. We explored the notions of grit and how they often apply to our students of color in the classroom from multiple perspectives. Special thanks to Melinda Anderson and Sabrina Joy Stevens for hosting this chat, and to Stephanie Cerda for creating … Read More

#EduColor Chat on Respectability Politics in the Classroom


February’s chat on respectability politics addressed the notion of looking and acting presentable as a means of freedom. https://storify.com/christinatorres/february-educolor-chat Thanks to Jose Vilson for hosting the event, Stephanie Cerda for putting together the slides, and Christina Torres for creating the flyer and the Storify.

#EduColor Chat on the Legacy of Racial & Social Justice Education

January’s #EduColor chat was on the legacy of racial and social justice education, reflecting on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the lessons the Civil Rights Movement had passed on to present-day educators. https://storify.com/christinatorres/educolor-chat-jan-20-2015 Thanks to Jose Vilson for hosting the event, Stephanie Cerda for creating the slides, and Christina Torres for creating the Storify.