Get Activated

Thanks again for agreeing to be a part of the EduColor Movement.

We have larger numbers following our work than I originally anticipated, but I believe that the movement is growing because of our principles, and because the time for sitting down and talking about it is coming to an end in this work for and with students.

At the same time, there’s been a lot of conversation about how we can do our work better. The problem is that we’re predominantly online, with no grant money or secret sponsors. None. Unbought and unbossed, word to Shirley Chisholm. We have plenty of people doing “the work” across the United States and Canada, but our headquarters are on the Internet, really.

For your consideration, I’ve created a quick list of ways in which you can get more involved in the EduColor happenings. For those of you still looking for a way into the EduColorMVMT, I’ve found these to be effective ways of amplifying and moving the message along.

  • Use the hashtag anywhere and everywhere on social media.

    We generally adhere to these guidelines for how to create effective #educolor posts. Every last Thursday of the month, we host an EduColor chat. These are more formal townhall-style chats. However, we hope people use the hashtag early and often. We specifically would like to target Thursdays as a day for members to flood the hashtag with resources and ideas, even if it’s just classroom photos, rants, or class discussions. This is also helpful because it reminds everyone that our chats are normally on a Thursday.Also, don’t just limit hashtag usage to Twitter. Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook are powerful engines for the use of hashtags. Put it in your profiles, too, in show of solidarity.

  • Join our monthly chats

    We are scheduled for every last Thursday of the month (though we might expand to a bi-weekly schedule soon). We accommodate for holidays and other special events, but the last Thursdays from 7:30pm ET to 8:30pm ET are our time.

  • Share your works

    Share your writings or projects using the hashtag #educolor. We’ve found that manual sharing is helpful for other members and helps build community. If it pertains to the intersections of race and class, especially if it’s thoughtful, it usually gets an audience on the #educolor hashtag.

  • Wear the gear

    We’ve noticed that the shirts and hoodies are good conversation starters around the issues we hold dear. Not only does it create visibility, it also allows people to identify current and future members readily.

  • Mentor and / or ask for help

    If you have an expertise or a particular strength, whether that be pedagogy, research, or grant writing, and can volunteer your time, that would be of help. If you need help in these areas, we have a plethora of folks who can help. Just give a shout on the #educolor hashtag or on Twitter and Facebook.