Using The #EduColor Hashtag

Here’s a handy guideline for using the #educolor hashtag:

Please remember that, similar to #BlackLivesMatter, #EduColor was created both as a resource for intersectional discussions of race and education and as a safe space. Therefore, even though hashtags are open to the public, those of us who started it reserve the right to push back and challenge tweets we see as leading the discussion astray (see “derailing” for more details). This includes using #educolor on bios, blog titles, and paraphernalia.

Useful things to post on #educolor:

  • Resources specifically geared to students, teachers, and parents of color
  • Resources for white students, teachers, and parents that address issues of race intersectionally
  • Articles and news about members of EduColor the collective
  • Articles and news about EduColor related issues such as the school-to-prison pipeline, teacher and student diversity and inclusion, the digital divide, inequity in parent involvement matters.
  • Pieces that lift people of color doing positive work in their communities or across the nation

Not-as-useful things to post on #educolor:

  • Personal accomplishments, blogs, and articles unrelated to the mission of #EduColor
  • Resources that don’t directly address #educolor issues (for ex: “I wrote this piece about tech, but it doesn’t talk about race or equity at all)
  • Resources during the designated #EduColor chat that are not directly prompted or are untimely

Hope this was helpful. This article (link) is also a good primer for our white denizens who feel moved to use the hashtag. Here is another resource to help those of you who need to learn how to follow an EduColor chat (link).

Please do continue using the hashtag in this light. Thank you and stay up.

The EduColor Social Media Team